Our Story

At Schuurman Greenhouses Ltd, we take pride in every stem we grow. Flowers are not just our business, they are part of our family story. Cor and Riene Schuurman purchased the farm in Beverly township in 1951. Initially, they filled the fields with gladiolus. Two years later, the first greenhouse was built to house a new crop of chrysanthemums. The farm has grown over the years to include 4.5 acres of glass houses, a large production barn and loading dock, nursery stock area, and innovative technology.

Meet the Growers

Greg and Ray grew up working beside their fathers and their grandfather from a very young age. They share memories of driving in the truck with Cor, visiting the market, and working in the gladioli fields. This instilled in them: a grateful heart for family work, a love of growing, and a desire to continue strong relationships with customers. When you buy from Schuurman Greenhouses Ltd, you are buying from the flower farmer who knows each detail about each stem. You are putting money back into our community, providing employment and sustaining rural livelihoods. Your flower will last longer, smell better, and will be more fresh than any bloom that has travelled across the ocean.

Why Mums?

As a leader in Ontario’s cut chrysanthemum industry, we love mums! No flower lasts longer in the bunch, comes in such an array of colours and sizes, and fills a vase like chrysanthemums do. If you would like to add Schuurman Greenhouses Chrysanthemums to your flower display, please contact us.

Want to Join our Team?

We are now accepting applications for members to join our team. Please complete the application form and email your resume to sales@schuurmangreenhouses.ca.

Once we review your application, we will call you to arrange an interview time to meet you in person and show you around the greenhouses. No phone calls please.